The website was developed from a detailed design with all margins, pixels, sizes exactly predefined. Were implemented latest front end solutions for optimal performance. The website was developed with cross-browser compatibility and has mobile responsive design. Was created a custom content administration panel with sections for each element and page.

Development Technologies

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Laravel Framwork
  • JQuery
  • MySQL
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General architecture

General architecture

The website was developed from detailed design with every margin, pixel, sizes exactly predefined.
During development was implemented a pixel-perfect approach to get exactly the same as in design.


  • Custom CMS
  • Progressive design solutions
  • SEO optimization
  • Page Speed optimization
  • Dynamic functionality
  • Mobile responsiveness
Custom CMS

Custom CMS

  • Custom CMS
    • Created CMS from Scratch using Laravel framework.
  • Custom content administration panel
    • Was created a custom content administration panel with sections for each element and page.
  • Content management panel
    • Content management panel with drag and drop functionality for page elements.
Progressive design solutions

Progressive design solutions

  • Front-End pixel perfect design
    • Pixel-perfect design with relative font size based on window size.
  • Responsive screen splitting animation
    • Each page splitted to left and right parts which work independently from each one.
  • NiceScroll JavaScript library
    • Added NiceScroll JavaScript library to provide a functionality of scrolling content above the main section.
  • Custom message text area
    • Added custom message text area with custom height horizontal lines.
  • Custom Social Share buttons
    • Custom rounded design for Social Share buttons with share quantity.
  • CSV images
    • Added CSV images for icons and menu elements with dynamic animation..
SEO optimization

SEO optimization

Was implemented SEO optimization by Google recommendations.

The site meets the most important conditions of SEO:

  • Optimal Meta Title, Meta Description
    • Title within 50-70 characters. Description within 100-150 characters.
  • Optimal Keyword Consistency
    • Each important keyword contains in Title, Description, Heading and Content of the web page.
  • Proper nested H Headings
    • Each page has only one H1 and have nested H2 to H6 tags without overlapping.
  • Valid Robots.txt
    • Disallowed all restricted sections and added link to sitemap.xml
  • Sitemap with all internal links
    • Added all links of the website to help search engines to index website better.
  • No Broken Links
    • Verified that we don’t have any broken link, using W3C link checker.
  • SEO Friendly URL
    • All links have human-readable path which also helps to search engines.
  • All Images have Alt attribute
    • So each image has his description which helps search engines to classify images and display them on Google search.
  • WC3 Validation passed
    • No any W3C validation error persist, so all HTML tags and attributes are valid.
  • Implemented Google Analytics
    • Google will know that you care about your website usage
  • Custom favicon
    • User will see your brand icon on browser tab.
  • Good Loading Speed
    • Website page speed have huge impact on SEO.
  • No Canonical Tag, No NoFollow Tag
    • Without checking for this, for search engines will be hard or deprecated to index your page.
  • Verified Safe Browsing
    • Website checked on Symantec page security and on WOT page security tools.
  • No Server Signature
    • Without removing that our website will have a security issue when attacker sees the version of your server, it is more easy to broke it.
  • Disable Directory Browsing
    • All directories disabled for listing so visitors can’t see the list of your files.
  • Page Caching
    • AIncrease page speed and so increase SEO.
  • Social media impact
    • Implemented SameAs tag and links to Social pages which provide a connection between your website and your social pages
  • And etc.
Page Speed optimization

Page Speed optimization

  • Optimal HTML size
    • The size of this web page’s HTML is 1.91 Kb and is under the average web page's HTML size of 33 Kb.
  • Gzip compression
    • This helps ensure a faster loading web page.
  • Optimal Loading time
    • 2.4 seconds and this is under the average loading speed which is 5 seconds.
  • Server side caching
    • Implemented Caching of PHP using Laravel server side cache approach.
  • Implemented Browser caching
    • Used of “Expires”, “Cache-Control”, “ETag”, “Last-Modified” header, in this case, browsers will display these images from cache.
  • Images optimization
    • Optimized using lossy compression.
  • Defer parsing JavaScript
    • Implemented Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering.
  • Minify JavaScript & CSS
    • Minified all JS & CSS files to reduce their size.
  • Fewer HTTP requests
    • Combined files as much as possible into one to reduce requests quantity. Now only 21 requests are processed.
Dynamic functionality

Dynamic functionality

  • ReCaptcha
    • Displaying of ReCaptcha only for risky situations(for example, submitting more than once from the same IP Address).
  • Retina Images
    • Implemented Retina images usage based on device - it is double size images for Mac devices which support Retina display.
  • Testimonials
    • Testimonials submitting and approving functionality - So website visitor can see that Testimonials was not predefined and was submitted by real customers.
  • Split-screen view
    • Split-screen view on all pages with scrolling functionality on each part, so it is more user-friendly for users.
  • Touch event detection
    • Mouse scroll direction detection even on mobile device when touch event fires.
  • Ajax using
    • Usage of Ajax for some parts of the website which is not visible in the fold of content.
Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness

  • Full-responsive design
    • Responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Responsive font size
    • Font size responsiveness in depends on page height and width.
  • Responsive font size
    • Over and above responsive screen splitting animation view special for mobile devices, screen splitting up and down instead of left and right on mobile devices.
  • Different screen splitting depends on device
    • Screen splitting transferred to horizontal on mobile devices instead of vertical as is on Desktop devices.
  • Custom media query technique
    • For layout responsiveness was used custom media query technique instead of Bootstrap to exclude usage of a huge framework for custom solutions.