FreeDOM Development

Every detail matters

Who we are

FreeDOM Development CJSC is an Armenia-based IT company, founded in 2015.


Our goals

Our objective is to form a new business model in Armenian IT sphere and be an effective and apt example of its implementation.

What we say

Our slogan, "Every detail matters", describes our approach to everything we do, from simple everyday tasks to complex projects.

Brand Assets

What we do

We are a dedicated team of experienced developers offering an array of services in user experience, web design, web development, web security, search engine optimization and mobile applications development.

Our vision

We believe that websites should be developed only by professionals who pay attention to all details with clear understanding of their significance.

How we work

We use Scrum project development and management methodology to follow work deadlines without missing a single task.

How to start a project


Share with us your initial project requirements, ideas, wishes, objectives, existing website links, designs, mock-ups or functionality you may have seen and liked. You can also send a technical specification (spec) of the project if you already have one ready.

We take our work seriously and we respect your privacy and assure you that we will not share your credentials or business data with third parties without your prior consent.

FreeDOM Development is ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before receiving any sensitive and confidential information regarding your business and project.

Analysis and collaboration

During this stage our team conducts a thorough research to learn more about your company and target audience; we assess your competitors, do a market research, investigate the materials you have provided. Our team closely collaborates with you to correctly define and outline the goals and objectives of the project and help you choose the right solutions for your project.

Estimation, proposal and negotiation

After completing the previous stage and clarifying your requirements, we estimate the tasks, divide them by multiple milestones and provide you with a detailed proposal that contains the plan and the works that need to be completed in order to achieve the desired results. This stage also gives an approximate but accurate idea about the cost and duration of the project. Then, through a negotiation process we adjust the proposal to your requirements and budget and confirm the final version of the project delivery plan.