Free Website Competition 2018

FreeDOM Development announces a Free Website Competition.

You have a very attractive and very useful idea, but you can not accomplish it at the moment? Then this Competition is for you! We will help make your idea a reality!

During the competition, any individual or company can submit an idea for a website, following the details below. The Committee will announce one idea-website as a winner and will develop it for free for its author.
The authors of the most original ideas also have an opportunity to receive a job offer from the company.

FreeDOM Development CJSC is welcoming partners who would like to be a part of the "Free Website Competition" initiative and participate in the winner selection process. For partnership contact us at the following link.
Application period is closed. We are reviewing the received applications.
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The Goals
  • Develop a website, which without this opportunity would be impossible to accomplish.
  • Create a website that will be our pride.
  • The ability to implement a website that will be useful to the public interest.
  • To help people who have interesting ideas, but lack sufficient resources to implement them.
  • Talent discovery.
  • The Websphere Development in Armenia.
  • Will discover interesting and bright ideas that people would want to achieve in form of a website.
  • Create a platform for everyone to gain new partners.
The Conditions
  • Participation is free.
  • Applications main goal should be the usefulness to the public and not the profit.
  • Each participant may only submit one application.
  • It is necessary to submit a detailed description of the idea.
  • There is no restrictions on the sphere or industry of Idea-website
  • The cost of this project should not exceed 2 000 000 AMD.
    • The assessment will be made by the organizer of the project, taking into account the local market standards.
The Participants
  • The Competition is open to any profession / specialization of the individual / company
  • For the Competition are not eligible:
    • organizer company employees or their family members,
    • individuals / companies who failed to submit in time the application for participation.
The Competition timelines
  • Application beginning - 05/10/2018
  • Applications Deadline - 20/10/2018
  • Closing of the Competition and announcement of the winner - 30/10/2018
The Committee
  • The winning individual / company will be chosen by the Committee , which will be selected by the organizer.
  • The votes will be distributed between the organizer of the event and in case of presence, the sponsors.
The Winner
  • The winner will be the individual / company whose submitted idea-website will be elected by the members of the competition committee as the most original, most attractive, most useful to the public and well-defined.
  • The ​​property rights of the idea belong to the author.
Privacy Policy

The company guarantees that your application will not be disclosed, used for any other job - protecting your copyright for your submission. The submitted idea is registered as your intellectual property, based on the correspondence, which can be further proof.

The Participation

For participation you will just need to fill out our online application form and attach the necessary materials and details of your project.