IT Infrastructure Engineer

Job Description

FreeDOM is looking for an IT Infrastructure Engineer to efficiently and effectively maintain, develop, troubleshoot and provision enterprise-level IT systems and be able to perform all the responsibilities.


  • Monitor, diagnose and resolve problems with key IT systems to ensure systems work efficiently.
  • Manage crisis situations and work under pressure to resolve problems.
  • Plan and undertake projects to improve and upgrade key IT systems.
  • Produce relevant documentation and project plans.
  • Manage, configure and develop internal IT infrastructure․
  • Maintain a professional demeanor with clients and colleagues.
  • Provide training and support.
  • Ensure operating environments stay safe and secure.
  • Update any software and hardware where necessary.
  • Leads enterprise base work initiatives and projects.
  • Develops enhanced production monitoring and additional capability.
  • Defines improvements in increased system reliability and performance.
  • Assist with choosing the right hardware for IT infrastructure
  • Assist the purchasing department with the right decision to find the best providers for IT infrastructure

Skills and Qualifications

  • Fluent English speaking and writing.
  • Professional, precise communication skills
  • A ProActive approach to work.
  • Being highly motivated and continuously strive for personal and professional improvement.
  • Advanced level of English proficiency 
  • Precise attention to detail
  • Excellent customer relations skills
  • Strong business sense and industry expertise
  • Strong interpersonal, relationship building, and communication skills
  • Initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without another’s prodding or supervision
  • Proficiency with network hardware and technologies
  • Proficiency with shared storage technologies
  • Proficiency with Backup systems and solutions 
  • Proficiency with Cloud-based systems
  • Extensive knowledge of data privacy laws
  • Extensive knowledge of all common used hardware solutions
  • Experience with video collaboration tools and conference room technology support
  • Experience using Mobile Device Manager solutions for tablets, iOS and Android device management
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, iOS administration, and troubleshooting


  • Excellent English
  • Linux


Armenia, Yerevan






Depends on skills

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Benefits of working at FreeDOM Development

Professional Growth

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We are working with latest technologies with all modern methodologies using best practice.

Detailed work

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You will learn and work in a professional style with clear understanding of each technical detail.

Team Work

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You will work in a professional team having powerful support behind yourself which will help you with any question.

Happy working

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Our goal is to have a happy working environment. Providing insurance, bonuses, wellness programs, corresponding salary.